Ethos Financial Partners



About this project
Spinnato, Kropatsch, Clinard, Schuelke and Associates. There were a lot of names on the door, and not a one was easy to pronounce or Google. One of the top-ten in the nation, Allegory worked with this Ameriprise Financial advisory practice through the change of their name to Ethos Financial Partners. New brand language and designs worked solidly in conjunction with Ameriprise corporate brand guidelines while creating a unique presence for the Denver-based group.

The transition positioned the practice for further growth and acquisitions, a key business strategy. A full brand development effort included communicating the meaning behind the new name through language, web copy, announcement mailers and events, videos and television commercials and printed collateral. The sprit of leadership, innovation and sound judgement that helped to build their success became a strong foundation to help move the firm into the future.

Brand development, print collateral, digital ad campaigns, video, television commercial, launch event, public relations and premium gifts.

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