True Living Financial
Formerly McNeill Financial Group


Explorer and Sage

About this project
As a Certified Financial Planner, Adam McNeill had been offering independent financial guidance to individuals, families, business owners, and more. However, his company name, McNeill Financial, portrayed his business as a traditional firm and didn’t represent his personal commitment to client relationships and truly independent, unbiased advice.

After participating in a brand development workshop at Allegory Studios where he uncovered his Explorer and Sage archetypes, Adam engaged in the complete Allegory Process to find a new way to talk about his company.

With research, a deeper understanding of how Adam conducts business emerged, and with it came the vision for his new brand. For him, financial freedom is about more than just a car in the driveway and an expensive suit. Instead, it’s about fully engaging in the things that make you most happy, helping those you love, having the freedom to explore the world and the time to do it. It’s about truly living.

His new brand helps him to express those ideals and attract clients that share them.

Brand language, new name and tagline, logo, website, print collateral, launch event, and premium gifts

  • Allegory's process does not create the brand. Reality is, the brand is already inside you. The process reaches deep, pulls that brand out of you, puts it on the table in front of you and says "Here I am. I've been waiting patiently the whole time just waiting to be given permission to come out and play.” Allegory then creates the design and language and shows you how to convey it to the people you most want to talk to.

    Adam McNeill True Living Financial

We Believe…

  • Your best interest is served when fees replace commissions.
  • Financial advice should never come with a conflict of interest.
  • When it comes to financial services and products, one size does not fit all.
  • You want solid ideas and viable options.
  • Transparency builds trust.
  • Collaboration creates business.
  • You can buy the same funds for less.
  • In partnering to build your wealth then helping you to manage it.
  • We invest in relationships before you invest in anything.
  • In relationship, research, and strategy…in that order.
  • It’s about where you’re going, not what you’re driving.
  • In being your personal CFO.
  • Living well is the destination; money is a resource to help chart the journey.
  • A good compass makes it safe to set sail.
  • People don’t want to be sold on financial decisions.
  • Independence encourages honesty.
  • Integrity is the only exclusivity that benefits clients.
  • Happiness is the truest form of wealth.
  • In communication that extends to the next generation.


Destination: True Living

Set sail with True Living Financial and chart a sound course toward an exciting future. Here, we embrace the adventure of life and the individuality of every client. Integrity is the only exclusive and happiness is an important indicator of wealth.

The first investment is ours.

We believe in relationships, research and strategy…in that order. That’s why we spend considerable time getting to know you before putting investments, policies and plans on the table.

Continuous inquiry is the foundation of our approach, because as the market shifts, we must remain agile to implement from stable ground. The results are solid ideas and viable options for both your business and your personal life.

As we move forward, we meet your individual needs with creativity, whether that means becoming your ‘personal CFO’ or providing communication that extends to the next generation.

Our independence encourages honesty.

You don’t want to be ‘sold’ on important decisions. As an independent operator, we believe that financial advice should never be served up with a conflict of interest. So we replace commissions with fees and retain the freedom to choose from a wide variety of products in pursuit of your goals.

Efficiency is a must. Our planning will take you further with investing tricks that allow you to buy the same funds for less and tax strategies that save money year after year.

Collaboration Creates Business

We partner with respected accounting professionals, teaming to provide comprehensive advice for clients through transparent relationships built on trust.

When living well is the destination, money becomes a resource to help get you there. Join forces with professionals who’ve found a better way.

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