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Storytelling is an art that connects people at a deep, emotionally-charged level.

When we use an archetypal story as a basis for marketing, we are able to communicate in a compelling and consistent manner. Messages guided by that story move goals and strategies from the head of the leader to the hearts of the team.

What archetypes are at work in your organization? At different points in our life, we are drawn to different archetypes. Often we are attracted to archetypes that fulfill desires that are missing in our lives.

Is the pace of life wearing you out? Do you need to slow down, recharge and reconnect? Think of happy child days and running barefoot in the grass. A cool glass of lemonade or ice cream leaking out of the bottom of the cone. The Innocent archetype reminds us of life as it should be – simple and good.

Are you drawn to Innocent ideals?

Winding Creek Ranch, a luxury home community near Vail Colorado offers a way of life that pairs architectural sophistication with clear running water and plenty of fresh air. The project’s development team engaged Allegory Studios to help build their brand.

Working through their company’s culture audit, they scored high on both Innocent and Explorer and asked us to build a story that incorporated attributes of both.

Winding Creek Ranch

Artwork for the Winding Creek Ranch logo was thoughtfully designed. The circle represents wholeness or completeness. The silhouette of the butterfly created by the “W” and “C” draws to mind both nature and the “butterfly effect” or the inherent connection of all living things. The blue color invokes a sense of serenity and peacefulness. The tagline – Rediscover the Rhythm – sets the tone for language.

The language of the Innocent reinforces the artwork. It is poetic and flowing as in the Overview written for the company’s press kit.

Rediscover the Rhythm
There’s a rhythm in the natural world. The babble of the creek. The whisper of the wind. The ever-changing faces of the open sky. A rhythm we are a part of; one that connects us to our own spirits and to each other.

In Gypsum, Colorado, on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, we are designing a lakeside community that respects that rhythm and works in concert with it. We are welcoming in a new era of home design; one that balances sophisticated architecture with purposeful performance. We are creating a way of life that brings us back to nature, while moving us forward as stewards of the earth, providing a legacy to future generations.

Luxury Meets Legacy
We believe in fulfilling life’s wants, while respecting the earth’s needs. Every detail of this community is carefully planned to inspire an enthusiasm for living, a spirit of community and a commitment to sustainability.

Welcome to Winding Creek Ranch where Rediscover the Rhythm is more than just a vision. It’s the guiding principle that influences how we approach every aspect of this development and every decision we make along the way.

Does the story of Winding Creek Ranch ring true with your company’s story? Curious about your company culture and archetypes? Take our archetype quiz to uncover your organization’s archetypal identity!

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