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Uncover Your True Brand with Cultural Archetypes

The best stories are never obvious. Instead, they’re buried deep inside an organization’s cultural archetype.

Using a collaborative creative process, we help clients uncover these hidden archetypal values that make it tick.

Archetypes touch us at an unconscious, instinctual level and exert profound influence on our motivations and actions. Allegory uses the CultureTalk survey to facilitate this process. CultureTalk is a groundbreaking, scientifically validated measure of an organization’s culture in terms of archetypes — the organization’s stories, symbols, patterns, and themes. Uncover your top archetypes and use new-found tools to develop your brand story.

CultureTalk assesses twelve organizational archetypal patterns measuring the collective cultural perceptions shared from the top desk to every desk. This instrument can be applied to every employee or a significant representative sampling of each sub-set.

Archetypes can help provide a roadmap to a three-way alignment of employee beliefs, organizational identity, and organizational strengths—on the way to new horizons and unprecedented success.

Understanding which archetypes are active in your organization can help you:

  • Recruit and empower effective leaders;
  • Measure the values that capture the real commitments of a team;
  • Create a positive future vision that resonates with employees;
  • Discover and maintain a compelling brand or public identity for the entire organization or particular products and services;
  • Facilitate the smooth growth of its client or membership base;
  • Spread its message to new regions and industries;
  • Improve internal communications;
  • Assist in the development of products or services;
  • Assess change readiness; and
  • Implement smooth mergers and acquisitions.

Curious about your company culture and archetypes? Take our archetype quiz to uncover your organization’s archetypal identity!

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