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Celestial Seasonings Brand Creates Magic

In preparation for my 16-year old’s driving test, we have begun taking day trips throughout Western Colorado letting her test her new skills across mountain passes. One recent Sunday drive took us through the Clearwater Canyon and into Boulder where we visited the one and only location of Celestial Seasonings.

Soaking up the experience

As two tea aficionados, we’d heard great reviews about the free tour through the tea production plant and couldn’t wait to step into the “Mint Room.” As a culturally-driven brand strategist, I soaked up the entire experience with a new appreciation for how Celestial Seasonings got its start, made its mark, and can be found on the shelf of grocery stores across the nation.

You gather for the Tour in the “Tasting Room” where you are given your ticket (a two-pack of Country Peach Passion) and you are pulled right into the company’s history, its products and the transformative experience of drinking tea. We sampled dozens of teas, warm and cold, including one that is only available in the Tasting Room and several new green tea energy drinks, enjoying the scents and flavors of the brand.

The Tasting Room is decorated with the original artwork that adorns various products in the Celestial Seasonings line, and branded messages about the company’s values. Messages like:

Our founders’ goal was to transform teatime into a healthful and uplifting tea-drinking experience that engages all the senses. Celestial Seasonings teas are made with delicious and aromatic ingredients, and our packages are wrapped in beauty and inspiration.

From the Tasting Room, you move on to a small theater where you enjoy a brief film about the history of tea, the founding and growth of the Celestial Seasonings brand since 1969, where ingredients are sourced, the inspirations for new flavors, and how it all comes together in a tea bag. The film shares some of the company’s guiding principles on fair trade, pure ingredients and sustainable practices.

And here’s an interesting fact: About 85% of Celestial Seasonings teas are herbal and don’t even contain tea!

As the film ends, everyone gets a hair net (makes for some great photos) and moves onto the factory floor where you can see first hand the vast number of ingredients and the delicate process cutting them into the “right” size, mixing them, bagging them and packaging them for delivery to retailers. One of the tour highlights is the mint room – one of the top ingredients used at Celestial Seasonings – it’ll make your eyes water.

The tour ends at the Tea Shoppe where the experience of tasting teas and a new found appreciation for how they are produced culminates with the opportunity to buy teas and other tea novelties.

Some brands just get it. Brand is about inspiration and the consistent, connected experience it creates for customers.

Celestial Seasonings engaged me at every level through a story and experience that was about transformation (magician archetype), beauty (creator archetype) and the simple joy of a warm cup of tea (innocent archetype.)

At Celestial Seasonings, we strive for truth, beauty and goodness with 100% natural and uniquely flavored teas in packages adorned with beautiful imagery and inspiring words designed to delight your palate, nourish your body and feed your mind and spirit.

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