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The Revolutionary Archetype

The case of Red Bull

The revolutionaries at Red Bull are at it again, jumping out of space capsules, defying the laws of gravity with supersonic free falls and wacky flying machines while fueling athletes who cheat death on a weekly basis.  It’s no stretch to say the Red Bull branding machine is on fire.  The fine line between content creation and marketing blurs increasingly each day as brands such as Red Bull dive head on into the media game.

Not only has Red Bull had its own media house since 2007 (where they film movies, TV shows, publish a magazine and create killer web content), but they are entering an era where their finely crafted content machine will likely begin to turn a profit and become a viable business of its own.  They have perfected the idea that a media company can sell the story and lifestyle of a unique product rather than just push ads.

According to a Fast Company story Red Bull’s Media House has been planning this from their beginnings:

“Whenever we did any event or project, everything has been put on film. Stories have been told, says Media House’s Brell.”

Displaying every storytelling trait of a revolutionary brand, Red Bull is cutting edge in their approach, challenging and even changing the industry status quo.  So it’s really no surprise that these innovators whipped up a YouTube video celebrating the charming style of Rube Goldberg while inserting their athletes as human elements in the “machine”.

It’s brilliant, take a look:

Keep your eye on Red Bull and look for them to continue pulling revolutionary brand tricks out of their sleeves in 2013. There is much to be learned from this new media model!

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