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Storytelling unites teams of all sizes

Physicists know that when two independently functioning systems are placed on a common base, those systems endeavor to sync in order to use the least amount of energy. In this YouTube video from the Lancaster University Physics department, metronomes tick disparately without a force to synchronize them. Once placed on a common base where energy can be exchanged, the metronomes begin to harmonize and eventually are completely in sync.

I shared this physics demonstration when speaking to a group of transportation leaders, asking whether they’d like their teams to operate like the pendulums, sharing energy and working in rhythm towards a common goal. Isn’t that what’s required for organizations to truly succeed?

Just like pendulums need to be on a common base to become synchronized, leaders must inspire their teams around a shared vision that can be internalized. And one way to get the whole team “thinking in sync” is through a strong brand and story.

How it applies to your business

Two years ago, Allegory was contacted about a potential branding project. Two well-established companies in the meetings and events business were joining forces to create a single international firm. The newly merged companies had a great story to tell and employees across three continents were anxious for direction and inspiration. But the brand project was sidelined based on other operational priorities. Without a story through which to share the combined values, culture, and goals of the new company, an in-house team worked to combine the face of the two companies, including a logo and preexisting messaging.

The same firm recently contacted us again. While the merger opened tremendous operational and marketing efficiency, they haven’t capitalized on that potential. Their marketing feels corporate and uninspired. Worse, the organization has struggled to merge it cultures internally and employee passion is fading. What they are missing is the energy and excitement of a shared vision and story; one that could become their rallying cry.

Compelling brand stories play a major role in getting the corporate pendulum to swing in tune. Stories connect us, they help us relate to each other and the give us a means by which we learn and understand. Once a brand establishes clear, effective messaging about values and culture, a team can engage. They understand the leader’s goals and vision, which improves collaboration and overall performance. By creating a common base comprised of compelling stories, leaders and their teams can work together in sync to achieve their goals and purpose.

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