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How to communicate your brand with your internal team

7 practical ideas

From Apple to Southwest to Zappos, some brands are celebrated by their customers and embraced by their employees. A sense of purpose is shared from the top desk to every desk, as vision is translated from the heads of the leaders to the hearts of the team. Products and services are propagated by word of mouth and innovations come from within.

Your brand should be working as hard for you inside the company as it is out in the marketplace.

Employees who are proud of where they work and the positive direction of a company will be some of your best advocates and brand delivery vehicles.  It’s very important then to ensure that your brand personality, values and corporate culture are well aligned internally and externally.  Key brand messages should be repeatedly reinforced and explained internally until the telling is entirely natural.

Launching the brand internally is an important part of the process.  Here are a few practical internal branding ideas we have championed or experienced that have been well received.


  1. Job Titles in Brand Language.

    The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce embraced their new brand language when they decided to give everyone a new job title that was reflective of their brand.

  2. Posters with Positioning Statements.

    When Walking Mountains Science Center endeavored a full rebrand, beautiful posters with nature photography and some of the new positioning statements were given to each of the employees.

  3. Personalized Book Covers.

    Fikes Trucking Company gave each employee a book entitled, “Together We Can: Celebrating the Power of a Team and a Dream”.  They had special covers made that highlighted the new logo along with inspirational quotes.

  4. Desktop Magnet Boards.

    Unique Venues created fun, desk appropriate magnet boards that employees could use to craft statements with their new brand vocabulary.

  5. Internal Company Newsletter.

    Fikes Trucking Company gave all 52 employees the opportunity to author a section of the weekly company newsletter – asking them to share their experiences around the question, “How do I connect people with purpose?”  A phrase taken directly from their new company tagline.

  6. You Tube Video Incorporating Belief Statements.

    The Saratoga County Chamber created a video highlighting the belief statements that were crafted during their branding project.

  7. Employee Contest.

    CSArch engaged employees in a competition as a team-building brand kick-off.  Using direction and motivation from their new belief statements, employees were asked to submit anything (from poems to 3D structures) that creatively answered – “how are you a part of the CSArch?”.

Here’s an example of one submission received in the CSArch contest:

The Arch and I

I’m one of many
   all unique in each place
   I’m a piece of the CSArch.

   As a block on the base
   I help others stand strong
   I’m a problem solver, helper and friend.

   With our clients along
   we climb up new steps
   toward exciting possibilities and doors.

   In our quest for the best
   as we walk side-by-side
   it’s all of us working as one.

   As visions are applied
   we plan with real zest
   for buildings that stand long and true.

   Not just bricks all abreast
   and windows and walls
   but places to learn and to grow.

   I stand proud and tall
   when our day’s work is done
   and the arch is strengthened yet more.

   It’s really great fun
   to help shape and support
   the structure that holds us as one.

Employees assist customers on many different levels and represent products in many different ways.  They are the collective face of your brand.  Taking the time to foster positive growth internally can be one of the most effective and rewarding tools in your branding toolkit.

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