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Subaru – Share the love

“Subaru owners knew it almost before the company did.  It was always about love.”

Above are the tenets that drove Subaru to overhaul their marketing efforts almost five years ago with a focus on the theme of love. At the foundation of the campaign, they targeted four issues which resonated well with their audience – longevity, safety, versatility and adventure, creating “real-life” stories around these themes and humanizing the experience for the average customer.

Their stories tell the tales of real life: sending your child off to kindergarten on the bus, handing over the keys to your 16-year old daughter, or passing the years with man’s most trusted and loyal friend – his dog.

“It’s not every day you find a companion as loyal as a Subaru.  Love – it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”  

Feel good stories that make you reflect and maybe even shed a tear or two as your heart reaches out to that father or daughter or wife. Subaru’s efforts were not only successful, they were wildly successful – doubling US sales over the last five years.

The value of story

Harold Scheub knows the value of stories, in fact he has spent most of his career collecting, translating or teaching about storytelling. In his estimation, stories whether written or oral, are a mechanism to deeply connect the storyteller with their audience. Every story in a general sense has been heard before – it’s the connection, that special something that draws the audience to the teller, the pulling together of present and past, that brings the magic.

The growth of content mediums and marketing online has provided the ideal platform for brands to capitalize on this momentum, selling emotion and truth to viewers via YouTube, mobile devices, social media accounts and websites. In order to be effective however, a brand storyteller must consider taking that online story, offline, as well – creating compelling delivery of the brand experience at every level and retelling the story over and over again in a consistent tone.

Developing the story

Overall this process is not easy, brand stories do not develop out of thin air. Allegory Studios utilizes a successful system to help business owners at the very beginning of the process. We use Jungian archetypes to drive an internal company cultural audit that helps determine an organization’s beliefs, behavior and stories. These archetypes then shape positioning and work to create strong messaging that pervades every step of the branding process – from logos to business cards to mission statements and eventually to real stories.

Today’s marketing arena is ultimately about two people having a conversation, a conversation which shapes a story, a story which is then communicated to much larger circles via multiple media formats and mechanisms. A story which should always circle back to the beginning and reinforce the foundation upon which you built your brand.

Do you need help crafting your brand story? Curious about your company culture and archetypes? Take our archetype quiz to uncover your organization’s archetypal identity!

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