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Successful brand messaging is often delivered through stories. And to be good storytellers, it’s important to know your characters well. Allegory Studios utilizes Jungian archetypes to help define a company’s culture and therefore the characters of their ongoing brand story. We talk about the twelve archetypes regularly and utilize them every day to help clients build a foundation with which to project their collective company voice.

Today we outline three of the twelve brand archetypes: the Revolutionary, the Hero and the Magician. These archetypes are unmistakably bound together by risk-taking, perseverance and accomplishment. Each of these characters embrace change, take action and exert power on some level. The Revolutionary questions the status quo, the Hero inspires and the Magician helps us believe. As human beings, we are drawn to these fearless protagonists with special powers who can conquer challenges and influence a new and positive direction.

How do companies use Archetypes to boost their brand messaging?

There is no better way to understand the power of Archetypes in branding than to experience these universal characters in action. Below you’ll find examples of the Revolutionary, Magician and Hero archetypes from well known brands such as Harley Davidson, Nike and Disney. Each vignette tells a compelling brand story and helps us to identify with one of these characters.

In fact we not only root for them, we hope for change.


Unconventional. Cutting-edge. Risk-taking. Motivated to change something, to do things radically different.

Harley Davidson Creed

Durango Boots – Meet Durango


Courageous. Focused. Responsive. Inspires determination and triumphs over challenge.

Nike Reincarnate – The Hero Within


Intuitive. Insightful. Inspiring. Visionary. Believe in impossible dreams, make visions realities.

Disney – Magic Happens

3M – Innovative Culture (Magician + Hero)


Culture Survey

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