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Company Cultural Values

Are you sending the right message?

The Power of SimplicitySome questions to ask yourself:

  • If someone were to ask you for a quick list of your company’s cultural values, could you recite them with ease?
  • Have you gone the extra mile to define your corporate culture through value and belief statements?

The answers to these questions are important steps along the path to creating a strong internal brand. Your employees can be some or your best brand advocates or worst brand detractors.  Creating–and clearly articulating– a strong vision and set of values is the first step to tapping this resource.

The power of simplicity

I recently read an article about company cultural values entitled, “The Power of Simplicity.” In it, the author talks not only about the importance of setting organizational values and strategic goals, but the need to create a simple, memorable expression from an often complex process. Great leaders communicate this way. This point was nailed by a fantastic NY Times interview with Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of YouSendit that demonstrates the power of this mindset.

Garlinghouse has packaged YouSendit’s cultural values into three strong phrases – “Be In. Be Real. Be Bold.” Even someone with very little context for their product or process can understand the meaning behind these words.

  • Be passionate about your job
  • Be authentic in your actions
  • Be willing to take some risks and fail sometimes

It’s almost a mantra for life really. Common sense perhaps, but translated into the company culture of YouSendit and communicated via the right internal messaging and actions, these little words become strong champions for a solid internal brand. Three values that are simple, clear, strong and easy to remember.

Could you boil a long list of core values down to two or three hard hitting ideas?  Achieving simplicity with clarity is often the biggest challenge faced when crafting your brand story, or any well written content for that matter.  Core values are always challenging, but it’s a great exercise and an excellent place to start.

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