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Storytelling for brands and corporate culture is the art of providing a deep contextual meaning for your consumer or employees; helping them to become vested in your vision. The characters in these stories are built upon the foundation of 12 of Jung’s archetypes: Lover, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Creator, Jester, Ruler, Magician, Revolutionary, Hero, Everyperson, and Caregiver.

Each of the archetypes naturally falls into one of four groupings. This week we explore the Explorer, Innocent and Sage. These three archetypes are bound together by ideals. Each of these characters pursue fulfillment through self-actualization on some level. The Innocent desires life as it should be, the Explorer seeks a better world via self-discovery and the Sage puts their faith in learning and growth. Those vested in the story are asked to reflect upon their own roadmaps to the greater self. As consumers, we root for these characters that cling to value-driven ideals, seeking clarity and a path to the greater good.

Take a look at the following ads that embody the attributes of these brand archetypes.


Seeking a better world. Independent. Pursuit of freedom. Uniqueness.

Timberland.  Make it Better.


PacSun. My Way.


Life as it should be. Basic values. Honesty. Authenticity.

Coca Cola. Open Happiness.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches


Helps consumer make smarter decisions. Faith in humankind to learn and grow.

Thien Long. Stationery.


iPad. Learning.

Culture Survey

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