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My name is Julia Ingersoll. I am the newest employee at Allegory Studios and, after a little over a month, I can confirm – this place is awesome. To write out all of the things I’ve learned thus far would take another month. But, for your convenience, here’s the abridged version:

8 Things I’ve Learned at Allegory Studios

1. Archetypes exist

Not only do archetypes exist, they’re actually really cool. I discovered that I have elements of the Creator Archetype. A Creator finds fulfillment in seeing new ideas take shape, motivating creative thinking in others and demonstrating inventive and imaginative abilities. The coolest part about archetypes, though, is that they help you see areas of caution within your self or business. For example, a Creator has a tendency for perfectionism and the appeal of new projects may deter the completion of others.

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2. This place runs on passion

The people at Allegory aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into industries and clients across the spectrum of business. The people working here love what they do and their passion for sharing that love makes them a remarkable brand consulting company.

3. This work is exciting

Dare I say work can be fun? It’s not always a breeze but when you’re doing something you were meant for, it‘s fun. We get to make beautiful creations, transform perspectives and inspire progress. It’s pretty exciting.

4. This work is personalcreator-phrase

The Allegory approach to branding is more than just marketing. It’s getting to know the personal story of every business and client we work with. How did they get here? Where do they want to be? What are their struggles and accomplishments? It all adds to the story. It all adds to the brand. This personal approach is the noteworthy difference that Allegory makes.

5. We mix new and traditional

I’m a technology junkie. It’s been super exciting that in just a month I’ve added HubSpot and Concrete5 to my tech skills. But, again, new ideas are nothing if they don’t have strategy and meaning behind them. Allegory has taught me the value of a process. Having a process means that every piece, every person, and every idea, counts.

6. Teamwork makes all the difference

I absolutely love brainstorming sessions. I secretly love them because it’s my moment to nerd out on all of my trivia facts I’ve spent a lifetime collecting. But I also love them because I am repeatedly amazed by the creative power at Allegory. These people get it. When the process is already set, our imaginations are free to explore.

7. Consistent messaging is the catalyst for success

Find something you’re passionate about and stick to it. Decide on a dream and do everything to get to it. Tell your story with consistent, meaningful language and it will grow. When you’ve spread your skills and focus too thin, it’s that much harder to excel. The same is true to approaching your audience. Keep your attention focused. You don’t need every one; you just need the right one.

8. I’m a lucky duck

It’s awesome how much we use the word awesome. This place rocks.

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