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At Allegory Studios, we believe in meaningful brands. We start from scratch with qualitative and quantitative research, infinite creative brainstorms and lots of writing and design to make sure our client’s brand’s are robust and successful. BRAND on price labels

One of the most important determinants of a successful brand is a prominent and consistent web presence. We’ve talked about brands with consistent messaging before, but how do they do it?

Here are some of our favorite tools for online brand management:

Stock Imagery Resources

Images are crucial. Not everyone has a great photographer in their back pocket and thus the magical world of stock imagery was created. Stock can be dangerous, however. So, here are our stock tips:

  • If it looks like it belongs in a late night informercial, it does.
  • Watch for “pointers.” A man walking casually pointing at the sky. A woman laughing, pointing at a book. While it may seem like a symbolic moment, it’s not natural.
  • Big white teeth are awesome but look for people engaged in an activity rather than just sitting facing a camera. Leave the teeth shots for dentists and toothpaste.

Here are our favorite stock sites:

Graphics Tools enhanced-buzz-6968-1336668522-4-resized-600

Did your outdoor photoshoot get photobombed? Believe it or not, even the people at Allegory Studios have bad hair days. You may not have the time to do a reshoot and Photoshop isn’t affordable for everyone. Luckily there are other awesome editing options out there.

Here are some great options:
 (See that fancy image at the top of this page? We made it with Canva!)

Web Color Tools

Colors have powerful associations and you’ve probably spent a lot of time making a logo just right. Make sure it stays consistent with some of these tools:
Visual Color Picker (PC Only)
Google Chrome Color Apps & Extensions
Firefox Color Picker Extensions

Online Storage

Someday we’ll all be in a digital cloud where we can share documents just by thinking about them. Until we get there, here are the tools Allegory uses to share quickly and easily:

Reporting tools

You can write a book, get a college degree in, and write infinite blog posts on analytics, big data and SEO. Simply, we live in a Google kingdom and it’s wise to be checking in with these tools:

Facebook Tools

The best brand development plan is a strategic plan. Just as we live in a Google kingdom, we are equally surrounded by a Facebook world. Here are some great tools for building Facebook campaigns:

Interested in more quick tips and helpful tools? Keep an eye on our upcoming workshops to see if there’s one coming near (or online) you!

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