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The Innocent Archetype

The Innocent ArchetypeLife as it should be

In the Innocent world, life is simple, uncomplicated and good. Across the board, they encourage us to get out of the fast lane and find happiness by returning to simple pleasures and basic values. Innocents provide sanctuary and help us find or renew our faith.

Who’s an Innocent?

  • McDonalds with its golden arches and happy meals invokes Innocent ideals.
  • Ivory Soap – 99.44% pure – washes away the cares of the world.
  • Aveno with active ingredients sourced from the origins of nature
  • CocaCola, just sit back and enjoy the moment…or share a happy afternoon with friends.

What does an Innocent look like?

Fresh, light, and clean. Innocents offer optimistic, tranquil, and refreshing moments with light colors, utopian nature scenes and honest-to-goodness wholesome moments (the perfect ice cream cone on a summer day). It can balance playful and calm as long as it makes the viewer go “Ahhh…that’s the life.” The language of the Innocent can be straightforward or even poetic. The look is optimistic or tranquil.

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Innocent Archetype


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