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The Innocent Archetype

“Every cloud has a silver lining” – The Innocent

The Innocent Archetype

Get ready to set the mood with some quintessential Innocent songs like Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” (Every Little Thing is Going to Be Alright) or Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

An Innocent organization values loyalty, goodness, optimism, wholesomeness, allegiance to commonly held values, following established rules or principles.


Innocent organizations tend to offer a uniform product or service. This product is usually produced or created by employees who are not necessarily highly educated. These employees, however, are treated with empathy and kindness and are happy having a simple decent place to work. An Innocent organization is loyal to and protective of its employees and customers.

The gifts of Innocent organizations are optimism, trust, hope, faith and simple virtue.


Innocent organizations are sometimes resistant to innovation and have difficulty changing with the times. Employees may feel like they are treated like children or work like robots.

The shadow sides of Innocent organizations are naïveté, denial, abdication of responsibility, and obliviousness.

Innocent organizations are often happiest in bright pastel colors and cheerful styles and forms. They are reminiscent of a happy family and may even cherish employee of the month buttons.

At Allegory, we rarely find an organization that is just one archetype. In fact, we often find that successful organizations are a healthy pair of two archetypes, maybe even three. An Innocent organization is happiest when an Everyperson archetype is also present. The Everyperson keeps the Innocent realistic and grounded without hindering happiness.

Innocent Brands

Some examples of Innocent brands are Walt Disney, McDonald’s, Ivory Soap and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Want to see more examples? Check out our Pinterest board of quotes, ideas and images that an Innocent would love!


Archetypes are the unconscious, instinctual and profound influencers on our motivations and actions. At Allegory, we are amongst a select few organizations certified in validating company and organizational culture in terms of archetypes.

Overall, knowing your organization’s archetype can help growth in an almost infinite number of ways. Once you know your archetype, you can:

  • recruit and empower effective leaders;
  • measure values that capture the real commitments of a team;
  • create a positive future vision that actually resonates with employees;
  • discover and maintain a brand and public identity;
  • facilitate smooth growth;
  • improve internal communications; and,
  • implement smooth mergers and acquisitions.

Curious if your organization has Innocent qualities? Take our archetype quiz to uncover your organization’s archetypal identity!

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