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Launching True Living Financial

TLF_logo_FINAL 2Adam McNeill, formerly of McNeill Financial Group, has been on an exciting journey with Allegory Studios. Adam first came through a branding workshop at our Saratoga Springs, NY office and then was inspired to start a full rebranding of his financial planning firm. Allegory worked with Adam to uncover his Explorer and Sage archetypes from which True Living Financial was born! With a new logo, business cards, website and launch party, True Living Financial is ready to set sail!

An avid sailer and explorer, Adam chose a logo that incorporated elements of a compass, sails and portrayed a feeling of real, true living. With True Living as a compass, clients can sail safely on blue waters. Allegory designed invitations for the launch party and worked with Adam to design and order picture frames to give to guests at the party. Each frame featured a True Living belief statement:

“Happiness is the truest form of wealth.”

Allegory was also working away designing and writing a new website! The website pulls together all of the brand elements and language into a simple, yet impressive package. From a digital dream board to an active blog and downloadable materials, this site is the perfect platform for True Living to continue its journey.

With invitations out, website launched, and gifts ready to go, we dug in to put on the perfect launch party. An intimate event, guests enjoyed a “wine journey.” Javier’s Nuevo Latino Cuisine selected ten different wines from around the world for a guided journey. Guests were excited to explore something new while learning a little about each wine in the process. Guests also participated in the building of the True Living Dream Boards, filled with photos guests either brought or selected representing what true living means to them.

From the first stages of brand development through the design of a logo, website, business cards, invitations, a launch party and more, it’s been quite the journey. We are so happy with the results and can’t wait to see what’s next on the True Living path!

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