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Allegory is lucky to have two homes.trees2

One in Eagle, CO and one in Saratoga Springs, NY. In both communities Allegory seeks ways to help those less fortunate that ourselves. One way is in Saratoga where Allegory has volunteered its marketing and public relations services to the

Saratoga Festival of Trees for anumber of years.

As November winds down, the push for Festival ramps up. Dozens of lists with hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and donors come in and we rush to pull it all together and get it to press before deadline. Journalists to talk to, articles to edit, and a long list of bloggers and community figures to get in touch with. It all builds to the point where we might even be asking,

“What did we get ourselves into!?”

But, before that question is ever uttered, we’re thrown off our grind with one interview, one photo, or one remark. All it takes is one reminder of why we’re doing this to make us ask,

“What more can we do?”

This year we interviewed Earline Johnson for A Saratoga Christmas, a magazine created by SaratogaTODAY featuring the Festival. Earline has been a volunteer for 60 years. To try and comprehend the number of people she’s helped is an almost impossible task; but, to feel her heart, her dedication to service is easy. She bring an energy into the room that leaves you feeling lifted and inspired. It’s people like Earline that remind us to call one more newspaper, one more TV station because this cause is worth it.

The Saratoga Festival of Trees is now in its 18th year and remains the area’s largest annual fundraiser for Catholic Charities of Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties. The proceeds of the event go to fund many of the agencies and programs Catholic Charities runs. Whether it’s counseling for families, DomesticViolence emergency services, HIV/AIDS support groups or services for the elderly, you know that our time is goisanta-littlegirlng towards a worthy cause.

So,”What more can we do?” We can ask our community members to add help us create abundance for those who need a little support.

Preview Reception

The Festival of Trees is kicked off every year in glorious fashion. The annual Preview Reception is a community party held at the Saratoga Springs City Center where guests can be the first to view the hundreds of decorated trees, centerpieces and wreaths. It’s the best way to truly get into the Holiday spirit.

Tickets for the Preview Reception are $60/person – a full donation to Catholic Charities – and can be purchased by calling (518) 587-5000.

Family Day

One of our favorite events at the Festival of Trees is Family Day. Be it the tiny boys and girls coming through the doors in their Sunday-best Christmas attire, or the pure awe on their faces when they meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, you can’t walk away from this day without a feeling of hope in your heart.

The day features three seatings of Breakfast with Santa at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00, and one Sundaes with Santa at 12:30. After their meals, the children and their families gather in Santa’s Workshop where for $1 each, children can write letters to Santa, get their faces painted, make holiday crafts and more.

Tickets for the Family Day are also a full donation to Catholic Charities and can be purchased by calling (518) 587-5000.

The Festival

The Festival runs from December 5-8th and on each day visitors can purchase tickets to view the trees and help support Catholic Charities. The Festival’s main attraction is a wonderland of over 250 delightfully decorated trees, wreaths and centerpieces all donated and designtrees3ed by community sponsors. Visitors are encouraged to savor in this visual feast and experience the magical moments that fill our spirit with hope and gladness every holiday season.

Tickets for general admission to the festival are $8 for adults, $5 for seniors, $3 for children over 10 and those under 10 are free. General admission tickets can be purchased at the door.


At Allegory we are grateful for the opportunity to work for such a magical event. As we head home to our families during the Holiday season we are reminded that, for others, this time of year is a reminder of the difficulty of keeping jobs, supporting the needs of children and finding affordable housing. These people aren’t strangers or “others.” These people are our friends, family and neighbors.

It is with the spirit of gratitude for the blessings that we continue to have in our lives, and our desire to support others that we, as part of the Festival committee, invite you to revel in the spirit of the holiday and support the programs of Catholic Charities.


For more information about the Saratoga Festival of Trees visit or call Catholic Charities of Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties at (518) 587-5000.

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