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Here’s a toast to the Lover Brand Archetype

The proverbial cupid, the king and queen of hearts.

Lover archetypeLover is THE character that is unafraid of expressing emotion. Of the 12 Jungian Archetypes we use in brand and culture development, the lover is the most sentimental of all.

Lover brands are beloved – for their beauty, for their earnestness, for their vulnerability. They touch hearts, ignite passions and celebrate human and spiritual connections.

Lover characters are abundant in literature, film and art. Whether looking for love or mourning its loss, the themes of Romeo and Juliet, Westside Story, Pretty Woman and the Titanic, are told over and over again because they are universal and timeless.

Lover brands get to play both naughty and nice.

  • Sex sells. The 50 Shades of Gray series has sold over 90 million copies worldwide and been translated into 52 languages.
  • Sentimentality sells. The Lifetime Network kicked off 2014 with its strongest January in 6 years, growing its total viewership by 13%.
  • See our Lover Archetype Infographic to appreciate the many more faces of the Lover Brand.

The Lover’s look

This archetype comes to life in beautiful imagery and a range of colors from deep reds to softer more romantic tones. Fonts and graphics are connected and flowing or simple and sexy. Language may be suggestive, intimate or poetic.

In our brand work at Allegory Studios, the Lover Archetype arises more often with consumer-facing brands than with business-to-business brands that sometimes shy away from this archetype as too “touchy-feely,” even if it exists.

If the name scares you as a business owner, replace it with Partner, Collaborator, Enthusiast or Connoisseur. Lover organizations are great places to work. People genuinely care about each other. Teamwork prevails. Passion wins the day. And good taste abounds.

Your company might exhibit archetypal attributes of the Lover Brand if it:blog-positioning

  • Sells products, services or experiences that celebrate love or beauty;
  • Cares about style as much as substance;
  • Prioritizes relationships and consensus;
  • Supports a culture where special talents are appreciated and blossom; and
  • Attracts and retains employees who love their jobs.

Allegory brand client, Hillcreek Designs sells hand-dyed buttons. When they approached us for help in reframing their brand story, we looked at how this seemingly simple product connected hearts. Take a look at their internal brand positioning.

Hillcreek’s new tagline, “we put our hearts into everything we do” speaks to the passion they have for dying buttons and building relationships. They also place their signature in every bag of buttons they sell: a single heart-shaped button.

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