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Last year, Beth Carroll, founder and managing principle of Prosperio Group, approached Allegory with a desire to evaluate her company’s vision, mission and strengths against its marketing messages through a rebranding process. Using this new understanding, we set out together to create an improved web presence designed as a business tool to attract leads and help close new business.

Prosperio Group

Who is Prosperio Group?

Founded by Beth Carroll in 2007, Prosperio Group is a pioneer in compensation design and management. The firm specializes in the transportation and logistics industry, among others, and assists companies of all sizes in defining pay scales and incentive plans by job function. Its unique services are not found anywhere else in the transportation industry which, while it has few direct competitors, creates a challenge of raising awareness. As the ‘lone-wolf’ in the industry, Prosperio has both the daunting and exciting task of setting the pace for marketing best practices in the compensation industry.

Goal #1

Develop a new brand for Prosperio Group that clearly articulates the company’s vision, mission and strengths through words and art.

Goal #2

Strategically enhance Prosperio Group’s online presence through a website that capitalizes on the new brand.

Prosperio Group New Logo


To meet Prosperio’s first goal, Allegory Studios conducted a comprehensive culture audit. The audit included:

  • a series of interviews with employees and clients;
  • an evaluation of client relationships, challenges and mission;
  • administration of the CultureTalk Culture Survey; and,
  • selection of an “Explorer/Sage” archetypal profile.

New brand language, including a tagline, belief and positioning statements and a corporate overview were developed; the firm’s color pallet was refined; and a library of images to support messaging was developed.  These elements provide Prosperio Group with a toolkit to use for all future marketing messages and were invaluable in the development of the website.


Website Re-Design

With a new brand foundation to jump off of, Prosperio’s website re-design was an exciting transformation. Some of the steps included:

  • defining specific visitor profiles based on their reasons for visiting and their relationship with Prosperio Group;
  • the selection of an easy to use, robes WordPress template with customized brand elements;
  • careful design of the navigation scheme to effectively engage varying audiences;
  • calls to action peppered throughout the site as business builders including “Book Beth” for speaking engagements;
  • adding an interactive, calendar-driven events feature allows site visitors to “find” Prosperio at industry conferences and trade shows; and,
  • a robust blog borrowing from Carroll’s numerous published articles, breaking them into digestible posts while increasing the effectiveness of organic search.

Visit Prosperio Group’s New Website


Prosperio Group began using its new brand tenants immediately to assess the effectiveness of employee, and even client, relationships within its unique culture. Decisions about staffing and the future growth of the company were directly impacted by this new “litmus test” that helped to uncover the core commitments of the firm.

Although newly launched, feedback on the website has been very positive and staff has been able to use it effectively to communicate services, products and target industries to prospects. Traffic is trending upward quickly, with close to 800 hits in its first month online; a healthy increase for this small consulting firm and a testament to effectiveness of search tactics.

In addition, as Beth Carroll has embarked on a robust agenda of speaking engagements this spring, landing pages are being built on the website to facilitate the distribution of presentation materials and cultivate new client relationships through an offer for a free “mini-assessment.” Contact information of prospects that follow-up on the site is then captured for use in automated email campaigns.

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