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The Story

The frontrunner behind the scenes.

Over the past year, Performance Industrial has been on an exciting journey with Allegory. The company successfully went through a culture audit and rebrand, completing each step of the Allegory Branding Process.  From the setting and characters, to plot, narrative, and launch, we’re so proud and honored to have helped Performance shine!

At 26 years old, Mark Miller was driving a tractor-trailer. It was good money but he wanted to be home and see his family more often. Leafing through the pages of Entrepreneur magazine, an ad for a pressure-washing franchise caught his eye.

Mark quit his driving job, scraped together $17,000, and bought Americlean’s 17th franchise on April 1, 1986. However, by the end of the next year, the franchisor had gone broke. The copyright for Americlean wasn’t held by the franchisor so Mark and the company came to an agreement for him to keep using it.

Under the name Americlean, the crew was frequently confused with janitorial services, carpet cleaning, a porta-john provider, and more. They never offered those services and had grown beyond their original plans. Twenty-eight years later, with almost 30 employees, a long list of industrial heavy-duty services, an impressive clientele, and a transformed company culture, Mark and his company faced an identity crisis.

“I have received so much positive feedback on the work the Allegory team has done. It has all been awesome. I should throw them a party just to show my appreciation for the work they do that makes my company shine! I’m so lucky to know this group!”

– Mark Miller, president and visionary, Performance Industrial

Dirty. Difficult. Done.

“The bird has seen its day.”

After completing the seven-step Allegory Brand Process, Americlean came out on the other end with a new vision for the future, a Hero/Everyperson archetypal profile, and a phrase a customer has shared… “They conduct a seamless performance.” The new name was clear: Performance Industrial.

It was decided, Americlean was to become Performance Industrial. Based on the archetypal profile, the customer feedback, and the brand messaging, Allegory’s creative team developed a logo and look for the brand new Performance Industrial.


Name, logo and strategy in hand, Allegory and Performance built a web platform to better represent their new, “grown-up” brand. The team chose a WordPress platform for ease of use, responsive capabilities, and flexible design.

With a number of valuable safety and service certifications, the employees at Performance are more than just vendors – they’re educators. Therefore, an important function of the new site was the ability to highlight the educational content the company can provide.


With a new platform under way, we set out to tell the story through a variety of mediums. The content campaign fell into two categories: internal launch and external launch.

Internal Launch
Allegory produced a video, designed invitations, managed the order of employee gifts, and helped manage an internal launch party for employees.

External Launch
Allegory designed corporate ID, new truck graphics for the Performance Industrial fleet, invitations and name change announcement cards, and assisted in the planning of the unveiling of the new name and brand at an industry event.


Employees, friends and customers alike continue to congratulate Mark Miller and his team on the success of his company. Each new person Performance talks to is another affirmation that the new name was a great choice and a bright outlook for the future of the company.

Performance Industrial

New logo and name

What was on the journey?

  • Brand Process
    • CultureTalk culture audit
    • Interviews with customers and employees
    • Focus groups with key team members
    • Uncovering an Archetypal profile: Hero/Everyperson
    • Buyer persona development
    • Brand messaging and positioning
    • Selection of a new name
    • Selection of a new tagline
    • Logo design
  • Internal employee soft launch
    • Video production
    • Script writing
    • Gift items
    • Invitation design
    • Event strategy
  • New website
    • Information architecture and wire frames
    • Selection of a WordPress theme
    • Copywriting and graphic design
    • Resource and content development
    • SEO
    • Inbound marketing strategy
  • External launch
    • Corporate ID
    • Redesigned collateral
    • Redesigned truck graphics
    • Gift items
    • Event strategy
    • Invitation and announcement cards
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