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One-of-a-kind Print Brochure

While the marketing world rushes to put every promotion online or make it mobile, sometimes you still need a good old-fashioned print piece to drive your message home.

The client

At first glance, Nussbaum Transportation in Hudson, Illinois looks like many trucking companies. It’s a family-owned business passed from father-to-son. They have shiny red trucks, a cadre of customers who ship everything from windows, to tires to home appliances, and a bustling dispatch department scheduling drivers for local, regional and over-the-road runs.

But spend some time getting to know president Brent Nussbaum and his management team and you’ll quickly learn they take customer service so seriously that they are actually reinventing the industry.

The story

In fact, when Nussbaum customer Electrolux approached them about a costly transportation headache, Brent and his team worked with Wabash National, the nation’s largest trailer manufacturer, to invent a specialized piece of equipment that cut this customer’s freight bill almost in half. Allegory was challenged with getting the word out about this innovative equipment solution called the X-Duty Trailer. While a video featuring Nussbaum, Wabash and Electrolux was an important part of that campaign, we also conceived a completely customized print brochure that would get the attention of prospective customers and industry editors.

The project

Designed as a 3-dimensional box brochure, our goal was to create a piece that gave recipients a hands-on experience of unloading an X-Duty trailer. As the piece is opened, the story of this equipment innovation unfolds through copy on inserts and labeled trailer design features. When the inserts are removed viewers are left with the message: What can Nussbaum do for you?

In designing the X-Duty trailer, Nussbaum and Wabash had to test numerous prototypes until the trailer was road and load-ready. Allegory’s graphic design team had to go through a similar process, working with a 3D printer to mock-up a brochure that told the story, but was economical enough to print and mail. It took four tries.

Once we landed on the right dimensions, die-cuts and folds, we worked with a photographer to stage a series of images that showed the trailer doors (both closed and opened) and the inside of the trailer (both empty and loaded).

Brochure copy was carefully planned to guide a reader through the experience, showcasing the innovative design elements and inspiring ideas about how the X-Duty trailer might simplify transportation challenges for new customers. The X-Duty trailer was a simple, big idea that exemplifies the innovative solutions in play at Nussbaum Transportation. The X-Duty box brochure became its own innovation and the perfect representation of the Nussbaum Transportation brand.

It helped land some new accounts and was featured in several trade publications.

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