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Allegory Studios is guest-writing a series in Saratoga Today!

The series will capture case studies of local and national Allegory clients while illustrating best practices for branding and marketing in 2014.

The first installment, published on June 27th, was written by Theresa Agresta. Through a recap of the recent rebrand of our client, Performance Industrial, “Dirty. Difficult. Done. – The story of a brand transformation” tackles the big, sometimes scary, question, “Do we need to reconsider our brand?”

Through a brief synopsis of the journey Performance Industrial went on, Theresa demonstrates that a brand is successful when all of its elements paint a united, strong picture. When new services or locations are added, there is a merger, an important anniversary or goals for growth – it might be time to look at your brand.

Read the full the article here, or on page 15 through the link below!

Want to learn more about Performance Industrial? Check out its website, read a case study blog, or view our portfolio!

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