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We have five awesome new websites that have launched recently and it’s about time we did a roundup to tell you all a little bit about each one!

The Scarab

The folks at The Scarab believe that creativity connects strangers, turns them into friends, and links the furthest parts of the world. Founded in 1992, The Scarab brings world-class treasures and one-of-a-kind woven rugs back to its showroom in Minturn, CO for the country’s top interior designers to marvel at. Their brand and website needed to replicate the rich, sensory experience of a shopping trip to this captivating store. A special highlight was the treatment of the Red Carpet Club, a place for designers to access special savings programs, promotions, and tools for building client proposals and presentations.


The LA Group

The LA Group has been one of the most successful and impactful landscape architecture and engineering firms in the country for forty years. Its profound success comes from the staff’s ability to shape experiences by transforming spaces for life and community; family and friendship. These landscape architects, civil engineers, and environmental scientists boast resumes that span national cemeteries and state parks, resorts, universities and colleges, healthcare institutions, and more. One of the goals of the new website was to capture the company’s impressive status and history while framing it to grow and move confidently into the future.


Prosperio Group

After an exciting journey through The Allegory Process, Prosperio Group had a new brand foundation to base its website redesign. Some of the steps included: defining visitor profiles; the selection of an easy-to-use WordPress template; careful design of the navigation to engage varying audiences; calls to action to build awareness of speaking engagements; an interactive events feature; and a robust blog sourcing owner, Beth Carroll’s multitude of published articles. Feedback on the website has been very positive and staff has been able to use it effectively to communicate services, products, and target industries to prospects. And, perhaps the most exciting news, this redesign is the subject of Allegory’s most recent TMSA Compass Award!


Amazing Brains

Nicole McGuffin, and her team at Amazing Brains, are truly doing amazing things! Nicole, a board-certified neurotherapist, a licensed psychotherapist, and a certified Gestalt therapist, founded the company which offers neurofeedback therapy. Neurofeedback is a safe, natural alternative to addressing issues in the brain that include ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive decline…just to name a few. Focusing on providing research around these issues, and support for Neurofeedback as a scientifically-proven method, was the goal of this fun, exciting design!


Performance Industrial

After a full rebrand, and with a new name, logo, and strategy in hand, Allegory built a website to help Performance Industrial better represent its new, “grown-up” version of itself. The team chose a WordPress platform for ease of use, responsive capabilities, and flexible design. Performance Industrial is an industrial cleaning and painting contractor specializing in the dirtiest of jobs. Therefore, the crew has a number of valuable safety and service certifications that make them more than just vendors – they’re educators. As such, an important goal with the new site was to highlight the educational content the company can provide.

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