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Destination: True Living

Allegory continues to guest-write a series for Saratoga Today capturing case studies of local and national clients while illustrating best practices for branding and marketing in 2014.

The second installment, published on August 15th, was written by Theresa Agresta. Through a recap of the rebrand and launch of our client, True Living Financial, “Destination: True Living” touches on the dedication it takes to jump into a rebrand. And, the courage to stand out as someone different – step away from tradition.

Through a reflection on summer days, the joy of life, we find the story of Adam McNeill and his independent financial planning firm. Starting with a workshop at Allegory Studios, Adam’s branding journey brought him up, down, and back to his core. In his own words:

 “Most branding work starts at the wrong point. This approach helped identify what I’m passionate about and convey it through every message. It reached deep, pulled the brand out of me and put it on the table and said, ‘Here I am! I’ve been waiting patiently the whole time to be given permission to come out and play!”

Read the full article here, or on page 13 through the link belowt.

Want to learn more about True Living Financial? Check out its website or view our portfolio!

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