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We’re headed to Inbound 2014!

Cynthia Forstmann, Rachel Spensieri, and Julia Ingersoll are all packed and ready to hit the road to learn what “drives the most innovative and successful business leaders of our time.”

As a newly announced HubSpot Certified Silver Level Partner, the entire Allegory team is excited to ask questions, meet new people, and bring back the latest and greatest for all of our clients. Specifically, our HubSpotters are setting some goals for their Inbound trip!

5 things we’re excited about

cynthia_headshotSMCynthia Forstmann, Partner

  1. I love connecting with other inbound marketers to hear what’s working for them…and what’s not. It’s a fantastic “meeting of the minds.”
  2. I’m ready to learn and recharge. I want to soak up all of the big thinking, and I’m especially looking forward to Malcom Gladwell and Simon Sinek.
  3. Everyone attending comes from so many unique perspectives! From funeral homes to universities, electric companies to worldwide advertising agencies – there are a lot of voices with great ideas!
  4. As our company and clients grow and change, our marketing needs continuously evolve. As always, Inbound is the source for the latest updates to make our client’s HubSpot experience even better. I can’t wait to hear about what they’ll be unveiling this year!
  5. Last but not least, I’m thrilled by the opportunity to bring along clients, vendors and members of our own team. Sharing the experience will make the impact exponentially greater!

Rachel Spensieri Allegory Studios

Rachel Spensieri, Account Executive

  1. As the newest “Inbounder” on the team, I’m ready for a deep dive! I’ll be soaking up every single moment. I’m bringing lots of questions!
  2. I’ve never been to Boston! I’m excited to visit a new city, travel with colleagues, and experience something totally new and different. It’s getting out of our comfort zone that really allows us to continue offering top-of-the-line creative solutions.
  3. I’ll be framing the conversation with clients in mind. As we continue to build out programs for transportation and destination services clients, financial institutions or commercial cleaning companies – I’m on the hunt for great ideas to bring back and get the ball rolling.
  4. I’m most interested in the science of lead generation. I’ll be taking note of how other companies and agencies develop the right kind of content, and deliver it with the right kind of message.
  5. Meet Martha Stewart!! (I can’t express how excited I am for this! I was nicknamed “Little Martha” when I made dalmatian table placecards out of styrofoam cups.)

Julia IngersollJulia Ingersoll, Communications Specialist

  1. Messaging, messaging, messaging! I’m always focused on the PR perspective, and message strategies are my biggest inspiration. I’m a geek for a perfect pair-up of psychology and innovation.
  2. I recently finished my Inbound and HubSpot Certifications, so I’m pumped to continue working on my HubSpot super-star (self-imposed) title. I want to hear big strategies and tactical implementation, world-wide concepts and quick-tips…safe to say I have a blank notebook ready to go!
  3. One of the inbound strategies I’m most involved with is the creation of content. From blogs and eBooks to webinars, workshops, and tweets, I’m looking to see how others are tactfully sharing information without adding to the “information overload” we all suffer from.
  4. I’m also heavily involved in coming up with unique social media strategies for ourselves and our clients. I’m curious to hear how others are building relationships with communities and customers through each social platform.
  5. Did you know: the greatest things in the world are orange?  Syracuse University, Allegory Studios, and HubSpot. Coincidence? I think not!


The team is ready for a wicked-awesome time in Boston – stay tuned for blogs and exciting news.

Want to see what we’re doing in real-time? Find us over on Twitter: @cforstmann, @rachie_rach11@julia_ingersoll, @allegorystudios

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