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The best stories draw from our own experiences,
confirming truths that imitate the deeper understanding of who we are.

Despite the graphic language filmmaker Andrew Stanton uses to make a point in the first few minutes of this video, it’s well worth the 20 minute watch.  His viewpoint on storytelling spans a lifetime and a very successful career with points that are well-formulated and quite fascinating.

If you don’t have time to watch here a few of the key takeaways:

  • Storytelling is joke telling, know your punchline
  • Make your listener care on an emotional level
  • Give your listener a promise – affirm the idea that the story is leading somewhere that will be worth their time
  • Make the audience put something together, invite them to become a small part of the story
  • Create likeable characters that have drive – an inner motor, an itch they just can’t scratch
  • Embrace change, keep things interesting
  • Construct anticipation
  • Create honest conflicts with truth that creates doubt
  • Make sure there is a strong theme throughout
  • Most importantly, evoke wonder.  Draw from your own experiences and express values you personally feel deep down in your core.  Real, honest moments that compel people to pass them on.

Brand Storytelling

Just as life stories help to create meaningful connections, brand stories are also an incredibly powerful tool to make lasting connections with a consumer.  Powerful brand stories draw from the same toolset as the points outlined above.  The only difference is that a brand story stems from the culture and values set forth by your company; which in the case of small companies may be very personal to you.

Brands can evoke and reinforce storytelling through many different mediums – belief statements, videos, marketing copy, emails, blogs, social mediums and photos… even graphic design elements such as colors and fonts.  Consistency across all these mediums is key above all else.  Brands must walk the talk and prove themselves over and over.  As Andrew not so eloquently points out, it only takes one wrong turn to change that perception.

Are you ready to create your own brand story?  Find out how Allegory Studios can help you with our systematic approach.


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