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Meet the hemp plant, marijuana’s sober cousin. Both come from the cannabis plant. The difference is that hemp contains virtually no THC, the compound that gets you high, but does contain higher level’s of CBD, the medicinal compound. While hemp has always been legal to possess, it struggles to be taken seriously because of its association with weed.

Talk about a branding challenge!

Today, that’s changing. Public opinion on the subject of marijuana has swayed and hemp is suddenly in the spotlight as one of the most promising answers to a wide variety of ailments.

But even as hemp makes its come back, this growing industry is struggling to rebrand the plant. Too many companies rely on psychedelic imagery, tropes from stoner movies, and plaster the green marijuana leaf on every available surface.

This type of branding creates a culture that is alienating to outsiders. It excludes customers who are not looking to “get high.” Businesses focused on cannabis for medical use struggle to be perceived as legitimate among a sea of buffoon brands.


Many brands emulate the stoner aesthetic

When Tula Botanical, a Colorado-based start-up, approached Allegory, the company did not have name. They were very aware of the potential pitfalls of marketing a misunderstood plant. And they were cautious about being positioned as an opportunistic business jumping on a rising tide.

Tula Botanical is working to share the facts about hemp with consumers and health professionals. The online retailer also works with emerging hemp supplement producers, bringing new products to market and offering a variety of nutraceuticals for sale and wholesale.

With Allegory’s guidance, Tula focuses on the brand archetypes: innocent, sage, and explorer.

The innocent archetype is reflected in the name (Tula is the Hindi word for balance), the simplicity and colors of the logo and website. It is mirrored in the brand language too.  The combination of these elements evokes the feeling of returning to a simple and natural state.

tula botanical

Tula Botanical logo and tagline

 The sage component of Tula Botanical’s brand archetype comes from its passion for science and truth. Tula forges relationships with leading doctors and scientists in the cannabis field. Beyond selling products, they connect consumers with up-to-date research on hemp and health. Tula puts education at the forefront of its materials. This can be seen in the section of the website devoted to ailments, which both explains how CBD physiologically works on specific issues and links readers to a variety of studies on the issues.

In choosing the explorer archetype, Tula Botanical acknowledges that it is a pioneer in a new and constantly developing field. Tula navigates advancements in hemp wellness and is dedicated to offering the most progressive hemp formulations to its customers.

When used in harmony, Tula Botanical’s brand archetypes reflect an organic, professional, and trustworthy nature; this elevates it from the stigma surrounding the field and sets it apart from “Cheech and Chong” duds.

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