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The Explorer Archetype

“Don’t fence me in” – The Explorer

An Explorer organization values individuality, independence, self-actualization, new experiences, growth, and change. Explorer organizations are often the scouts of new ideas.


Explorer ArchetypeNeed the latest and greatest? Explorer organizations are often on the forefront of theory and practice. They are always current on the needs of their clients, customers and constituencies. The environment and work culture of an Explorer organization is ideal for self-starters as the organization may lack traditional structure.

The gifts of Explorer organizations are ambition, pioneer spirit, identity, ingenuity and expanded possibilities.


Explorer organizations are often a band of loosely connected employees. They could be a consultant group that only works through emails. This environment can sometimes lead to chaos and abandonment of needy employees.

The shadow sides of Explorer organizations are the inability to commit, alienation, constantly seeking something new and being chronically dissatisfied.

Explorer organizations attract people that want adventure, freedom and the chance to learn and grow. These people don’t mind risk and can’t stand being bored. Personal explorers like being independent and fear pressures to conform.

At Allegory, we rarely find an organization that is just one archetype. In fact, we often find that successful organizations are a healthy pair of two archetypes, maybe even three. An Explorer organization is happiest when a Lover archetype is also present. The Lover gives the Explorer a human connection, putting people first and reminding the Explorer that they are already on green pastures.

JeepExplorer Brands

Some examples of Explorer brands are Starbucks, Chipotle, Levi’s, Jeep and Range Rover.

Want to see more examples? Check out our Pinterest board of quotes, ideas and images that an Explorer would love!


Archetypes are the unconscious, instinctual and profound influencers on our motivations and actions. At Allegory, we are amongst a select few organizations certified in validating company and organizational culture in terms of archetypes.
Explorer archetype

Overall, knowing your organization’s archetype can help growth in an almost infinite number of ways. Once you know your archetype, you can recruit and empower effective leaders. Measure values that capture the real commitments of a team. Create a positive future vision that actually resonates with employees. Discover and maintain a brand and public identity. Facilitate smooth growth. Improve internal communications. Implement smooth mergers and acquisitions.

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