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The Magician Archetype

Making the vision a reality.

Magicians are visionary organizations or people who believe in synchronicity, serendipity, miracles, and mind over matter. As catalysts for change, they work to change situations and influence people. Magicians value transformational experiences and help others turn ideas into action.

Who’s a Magician?

For example, a day at a Walt Disney park can “magically” transform adults into kids again while encouraging kids to trust their imaginations. Likewise, any new age spiritualists or life coaches can be focused on individual transformation. Not all magician’s need to be dramatic, though. Some could be consultants that bring new ideas for technology or ways to envision a businesses future.

What does a magician look and sound like?

The Magician’s voice is inspiring, symbolic, and spirited. It’s graphic appearance is fluid, flowing, and malleable with splashes of excitement. The language expresses it’s values – experience, self-awareness, interdependence, and imagination. Feeling magical? Take a look at what’s behind the magician archetype.

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Magician Archetype

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