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Sage Archetype

To know is to grow.

The Sage has faith in humankind’s ability to learn and grow, to make smarter decisions. Therefore the Sage is dedicated to discovering the truth or spreading knowledge. Sages are the thinking brands, they takes pride in intelligence and information. They are the smartest kids on the block, even if their nerd culture means they may lack some social grace.

Who’s a Sage?

The name Harvard conjures up professors and students, research and teaching. Or think of the character Dumbledore, wisely guiding Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the corporate world you may run across a GE or an IBM executive. Sage brands take a step back before going forward because a solid foundation of truth will drive a successful strategy.

What does a Sage look like?

Sage language can carry challenge. They reference research, base-line analysis, proof and years of evidence. They can be presented through graphics that illustrate being grounded, historic, or classic. A sage organization aligns with traditional serifed fonts and solid, conservative colors.

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Sage Archetype

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