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The Revolutionary Archetype

Conventions were made to be broken.

Revolutionaries do things radically differently, on purpose. They bring an energetic willingness to weed through the clutter and challenge the status quo. Revolutionaries channel frustrations constructively, giving people the freedom the do and think outside the box. The creative breakthroughs of the revolutionary lead to real innovation and new growth.

Who’s a Revolutionary?

  • From its infancy, Apple has heeded its own advice to “think different.” In a PC-dominant world, Apple has solidly positioned itself as the innovator in technology.
  • Harley Davidson makes its own rules for the road, attracting people of all ages to “just ride.”
  • MTV stands to break the mold – from its foundation in music videos to its reality shows talking about all the topics everyone else it too afraid to talk about.

What does a Revolutionary look like?

Revolutionary talk is bold and confident. It might ask you to reflect on your morals or motivations…pushing you to answer hard questions. The art of a Revolutionary can be funky, different, provocative or surprising.

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Revolutionary Archetype

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