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We’re so excited. Seriously excited. Allegory now has three HUG leaders! Cynthia Forstmann will be launching the Vail HUG while Julia Ingersoll and Jeremy Chapline spread the HUG love around Saratoga Springs.

What’s a HUG?

While real hugs are optional (but welcome), HUG stands for “HubSpot User Group.” The Vail and Saratoga HUGs will bring together marketers who have an interest in inbound marketing for educational and networking purposes. Together, we’ll be joining a community of HubSpot users, non-HubSpot users, and marketing fanatics who love new ideas and fun people.

But what if I’m not a HubSpot user?

Don’t sweat it! HubSpot’s goal is to educate the world about inbound…and this is one way to get the word out. The HUG leaders will be focusing each Meetup around marketing best practices that can work anywhere as well as on HubSpot. (There will, of course, be some HubSpot love…but that’s just in their blood).

Is this just a HubSpot sales pitch?

No! The sole purpose of a HUG is to get together and learn the best of HubSpot from one another. A basic tenet of inbound marketing is understanding that people hate being sold to. HUGs earn trust through education.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners, marketers, sales staff, designers, and communicators
  • Retailers, lawyers, politicians, architects, hoteliers, and other cool people
  • People who love HubSpot and/or hugs

Inbound marketing is a fit for any industry. Think you could learn from it? Don’t be afraid to check it out and say hi to our team members!

Want to learn more?

Click the logo for the HUG near you to visit their individual websites.

Vail HubSpot User Group
Saratoga Hubspot User Group
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