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The Allegory team became a HubSpot customer in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. In just three years, we’ve become our own best case study – growing our web traffic by 2,500%, creating thousands of leads, and putting new business on the books.

But, it wasn’t just using HubSpot that changed our company.

As one of our founding partners said:

“Inbound marketing is a mindset. When you join the “club,” you join a culture of believers. We’ve gone from the bottom to the top, turning our own marketing program upside down and rebuilding it. It took an open mind and a willingness to keep learning…but Inbound and HubSpot have forever impacted how we deliver results for clients.”
– Cynthia Forstmann

Where did we go to learn it all? The Inbound Certification.

How the Inbound Certification Changed Our Agency

01_HubSpotBadges_V41. Clients buy-in and believe

Our client relationships function like partnerships; they’re fundamental to our success. Therefore, it’s important to us that our clients trust that we have their best interests at heart…and part of that is believing in our methodologies and philosophies from the get-go.

So how do they learn to believe? One way we’ve been successful is to introduce clients to the Inbound Certification. Whether it’s watching the videos together, answering questions afterward, or simply pointing them in the right direction…the education not only helps their business, it help us work better together.

2. Employees find inspiration and education

As Cynthia states above, Inbound is a culture. It’s not something you do lightly, part-time (or half-a**ed). As a marketing partner, it’s our job to be a top-notch resource for our clients. With that said, it’s also our job to support our internal team members.

The education available through HubSpot has been a gift. In particular, the Inbound Certification is like a “beginners guide to Inbound” and finishing it triggers a “Welcome to the Club” celebration for new employees. It’s also become an invaluable professional development opportunity. Whether they’ve been in the industry twenty years or two, on the creative or strategic side, the lessons in the HubSpot library and Inbound Certification have changed the way we do business.

And, did we mention that it’s free? For Allegory, this is a valuable perk that only costs us time. (And the ROI on education is infinite)

3. We feature a feather in our cap

As the talents and skills needed for marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations merge together, the competition pool is only getting larger. As a boutique agency, we may not have the man/woman power to fight with force, but do know how to be agile and clever.  As we continue to grow within our industry niche, being able to say that our employees are certified by The World’s #1 Marketing Platform is a pretty nice feather to have. (And it doesn’t hurt that it’s orange…a color we’re all pretty big fans of)

Allegory is a company focused on sitting right at the intersection of culture and communications. Inbound is a culture that helps us communicate. I’d call that a match made in heaven.


Trust us…this stuff works. Check out the Inbound Certification for yourself and give some love to our BFFs at HubSpot.







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