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Announcing CultureTalk

An Organizational Culture Survey System

Zappos, Starbucks, Google and Netflix – they all have something in common. They’ve made the news for talking about culture. Why now?

Today’s business environment has a backlog of trust issues. From oil spills and bank fraud, to wire tapping and food contamination – people are tired. Employees, clients, and consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity. Now, more than ever, our ability to access and share information has developed a thirst for learning about what’s happening behind the scenes. It is informing perceptions of culture.

It’s time for CultureTalk

Allegory has spent the last 15 years applying archetypes with cultural storylines to marketing and business strategies. The research originates from Carl Jung, and was expanded upon by many others including Pearson and Marr. But, until now, there’s been a missing piece.

The Allegory team has connected the dots of human resources, employee engagement, leadership, management, communications, and change to build a survey system that measures all aspects of organizational culture.

The CultureTalk Survey System

Allegory’s CultureTalk Survey System unlocks the cultural patterns of your organization. With a family of culture programs and tools, it helps company leaders, marketers, human resources executives, and management consultants define, strengthen, shift, and lift their own companies and partnerships.

The Survey System focuses on four competencies of organizations: responsiveness, engagement, purpose, and efficiency; and interprets your unique story through the 12 Archetypes.

The CultureTalk family of programs and tools includes:

  • A survey and report for organizations
  • A survey and report for individuals
  • Workshops for leaders and employees
  • Certifications for coaches or communications professionals

With these tools in hand, you’ll be ready to:

  • Create a positive future vision based on a set of authentic values
  • Discover, define, and maintain a compelling brand or public identity
  • Attract and engage employees that are a fit for the culture that exists
  • Build more effective internal and external communications strategies based on authentic messages that resonate
  • Measure leadership styles and uncover necessary culture shifts
  • Identify and plan for generational differences in the workforce
  • Facilitate growth initiatives with greater ease

Are you ready to join the conversation?

Talented people want to know if they’re a “cultural fit” before contemplating a job change. Companies want to hire people that will boost their teams with the right attitude and approach. Consumers want to know that you stand for something other than sales. Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated for more than just the skills and experience listed on their resume.

Are you prepared? Talk with us today about measuring, defining, and building your culture.

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