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“Start With Why?” and Develop your Brand and Culture

Theresa Agresta has been invited to host a Leadership Saratoga class, Strategic Communications, on April 6, 2016. Kicking off with the message in Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” TED talk and book, Theresa will use archetypes to help participants develop the “why” of the nonprofit they’ve chosen to support. Archetypal patterns and belief statements are core elements of Allegory’s successful brand process.

TA_Headshot-forweb2“This is one of my favorite groups to speak to because they have palpable enthusiasm for making the world a better place. Kathleen is a fantastic leader and an exceptional role model. The impact this group makes on our community is powerful. It’s an honor to be a part of their leadership development.” – Theresa Agresta, partner at Allegory Studios and co-founder of CultureTalk


About Leadership Saratoga

Sponsored by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Saratoga is an award-winning program that selects individuals with demonstrated motivation, commitment and potential and provides them with additional skills, knowledge and networks to effectively serve in volunteer leadership capacities. Each year’s class of students is exposed to critical issues affecting life in Saratoga County and, upon graduation, many go on to serve on boards of directors for local nonprofits or seek election for boards of education, city councils, planning boards, and political committees.

Kathleen Fyfe Leadership Saratoga“The Strategic Communications session of Leadership Saratoga is one of my favorite sessions – it’s a lot of fun while also being educational for the participants. This group has spent the last four months working on a significant project for an area nonprofit organization. With Theresa’s guidance, they’ll uncover the archetypal patterns of their group and develop powerful language for communications. I can always count on Theresa to do a great job sharing the importance of authentic values and corporate culture in helping organizations and individuals speak to their “Why.” I can’t wait for all of the Aha moments!” – Kathleen Fyfe, director of Leadership Saratoga


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