Andrea Cotter


Some believe respect is earned; others that it is granted. Andrea Cotter understands that both are true. She mastered senior roles at major US corporations and institutions; building teams, launching products and unveiling innovations in technology and healthcare at home and around the world.

During a 30-year career at IBM Corporation, Andrea Cotter was involved with the transformation of marketing and communications that merged country-specific business units within a Global Center of Excellence. She also managed marketing programs, many internationally, for various IBM products and services through her role as IBM’s Global Director of Healthcare and Life Science Marketing.

At UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA, Andrea was responsible for enterprise-wide brand marketing, advertising, clinical marketing and public relations. She led a team of 100 marketing and communications professionals through an integrated marketing and communications transformation.

Most recently Andrea completed an international management consulting engagement serving as temporary President of a brand consultancy in New York, New York.

Today, she coaches executives and teams who are ready to embrace their own success, helping them to put in place strategies and tactics that will take them to the next level as they learn to overcome the obstacles that may hold them back. She navigates the global business world with poise, bringing a presence that is felt before she enters a room and leadership that lingers when she leaves.

By nurturing the spark of possibility in every person and every team, Andrea focuses forward on solutions and teaches that influence is a powerful force, best used with positive intention. She follows gut instinct with research in a tenacious search for knowledge. Because she believes, in business and in life, truth matters.

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