Do-It-Yourself Brand Workshops

Practical, tactical strategies for small businesses

We don’t believe in trade secrets. Our door is always open and our workshops are the perfect opportunity to get a foot in as we teach you how we build our award-winning brand and marketing programs. Ideal for business owners, marketing directors, creative teams, consultants, and more, these classes welcome you to a casual, conversational space, and invite you to roll up your sleeves and tackle your own projects.

Our workshops are currently offered in the New York Capital Region and throughout Colorado. Some programs will also be offered online.

Marketing Mastery Workshop Series

The Marketing Mastery Workshop series is based upon Allegory’s four-part approach to building successful marketing programs. Each 90-minute session provides a strategic overview and hands-on tools for small businesses.

Build the package that’s right for you!

Marketing Mastery classes include:

Branding 101:

What happens when you separate services from experience? Learn how to build a compelling brand for your organization through the power of storytelling.

Company Culture:

What are Archetypes? Learn more about these powerful characters and see how they can inspire meaningful messages for your business.

Target Personas:

To be relevant, you need to understand your customers’ problems and speak their language.

Logo Design and Brand Standards:

How do graphics and images align to create powerful impressions? Uncover the best practices for your logo and brand.

Social Marketing Platforms:

Do you actually need a Facebook page? Should you be ‘pinning’ and ‘tweeting’? Find out which platforms are best for you.

Putting Google to Work:

Search engines stand between you and your potential client, have you mastered the game?

Inbound Marketing:

Permission-based, content marketing is a powerful tool for generating online leads.

Email Marketing:

Email is STILL one of the most powerful marketing mechanisms available to you; do you have a plan for success?

Facebook Marketing:

Put together a campaign to socialize your business and bring in prospects.

Websites Wizardry:

What are the can’t-miss features of a website today? What old practices can you let go of? Make the fastest growing platform for small businesses become your secret weapon for success!

Take Your Brand to the Summit workshops include:

Bring your brand challenges to this day-long workshop where you will walk through Allegory’s 7-step storytelling process by building:

  • Organizational profiles
  • Cultural profiles
  • Archetypal profiles
  • Target audience profiles

With this brand blueprint, we will teach you how to craft the story including:

  • Names and Taglines that are authentic and relevant
  • Brand positioning copy that resonates
  • Colors and fonts that support your message
  • Graphic art and imagery that draw prospects in

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  • Excellent workshop! Thank you! ***Calling all small businesses… You need to go to the next one…!!!

    Taylor Slaugh Eagle Chamber of Commerce

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