Storytelling is an art that connects people.

Simple truth: Brands, companies and organizations are held together and made stronger by stories.

Bigger truth: You can’t make a meaningful story appear out of thin air.

Why stories?

Storytelling is an art that connects people at a deep, emotionally-charged level. With a story as the inspiration for your marketing program, we are able to communicate in a compelling and consistent manner. Messages guided by that story move goals and strategies from the head of the leader to the hearts of the team. The more authentic the story, the more memorable it becomes, and the easier it is to communicate with your target audiences in any medium.


Archetypal Stories

Archetypes are universal stories and characters that cross time and history. Allegory has developed a highly successful brand process around the practice of archetyping organizations. Our research philosophy is grounded in the work of Carl Jung and our creative efforts follow suit by aligning the services, strengths and history of an organization with its values and culture.

Key to our branding process is a culture audit, a scientifically validated tool that helps groups build consensus by measuring an organization’s values and strengths.

Through a collaborative process, we uncover and align these stories with business plans and marketing strategies to assure exceptional messaging, an integrated approach and well-executed campaigns.

We have extensive experience facilitating focus groups that help teams build understanding and direction.

  • Thank you for the internal brand presentation. It was very professional and eye opening for many. The results are certainly what we asked for and more! A breath of much needed fresh air!

    C. Michael Ingersoll The LA Group
  • I have received so much positive feedback on the work the Allegory team has done. It has all been awesome. I should throw them a party just to show my appreciation for the work they do that makes my company shine! I’m so lucky to know this group!

    Mark Miller Performance Industrial

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