Turn prospects into leads.

Navigate the four steps to success

Start the Sale on the Right Foot

When marketing can support sales, we’ve been successful. One way we do this is by converting strangers at your tradeshow or first-time visitors to your website into interested leads. How do we do it? By making a little trade.

Quid Pro Quo

You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours. When we provide something of value, prospects feel comfortable offering something in return – their contact information. With their permission, we can reach out to share educational tools that solve their problems.

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Tools to Convert

The Allegory team can help you convert prospects into leads with:


Whether it’s the strategy, copywriting, design, or delivery, Allegory is focused on building resources for your company that educate your ideal customers. Infographics, white papers, eBooks, SlideShares, video, webinars, and more become tools that cross the marketing and sales divide.


Calls-to-action encourage prospects to click and take an action. Whether they’re ready to “Join a Workshop” or “Download a How-to Guide,” we have the psychology that get’s people to click.

Landing pages

After the call-to-action comes the landing page. This is where the magic happens. Allegory builds pages that entice prospects to submit the information your sales team needs to begin a conversation.


On every landing page is a form that should be optimized to match your prospect’s engagement. The questions presented can be a perfect fit or an invasion of privacy…knowing the difference only comes with experience.

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