Turn customers into life-long fans

Navigate the four steps to success

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

So they bought your product, does that mean your relationship is over? No way! Your customers can be your biggest marketers and sales people. Allegory clients learn how to engage with, delight, and even upsell their current customers while building trusting relationships.

Every Ending is a New Beginning

You’ve invested a lot. Let’s use everything to its full advantage. The Delight phase of your marketing strategy will take you full circle and use some of the same tools and strategies from your Attract phase. Looking to cross-promote? Maybe you’re trying to get back in touch? We have the tools and methods for listening and responding. Together we can make the world a happier place.

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Tools to Delight

Social Media

Keep the conversation going. Social platforms are the ideal space to listen for feedback, uncover questions, or discover your biggest fans. We’ll help you connect with current customers and their friends.


Does a customer need a product update? Maybe you’ve developed a complimentary service? We’ll help you reach back out and maintain your relationships.


Want to know what your customers are looking for? Ask them. We can help build feedback loops that inform your sales and marketing staff while delighting your customers.

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