Attract… Convert… Delight!

These are the principles that drive the inbound method of online marketing.  Traditional PUSH marketing is flawed.  Only half (or even less pending your method) your audience is actually listening!  Did you know that 86% of TV commercials get skipped these days and only 44% of direct mail actually gets opened?  Inbound marketing ensures that 100% of your audience is interested in what you have to offer, they are listening.  Why?  Because THEY FOUND YOU and asked to connect.


Attract your audience with content that is of value to them – what are their needs, wants and pain points, what tools or advice can you provide that might make their life or job easier?  What vocabulary do they identify with, are you speaking in terms they understand?  Whether by blog post, e-book, video tutorial or otherwise, strive to create content that is specifically useful to your target audience and they will seek you out.


Savvy marketers convert traffic into leads with powerful offers and attractive landing pages or calls to action.  Sometimes folks don’t even know what they need until they get an offer from a trusted and reliable source of valued information.


Successful marketers turn leads into happy customers by delighting them with content that is most useful to them again and again.  It is your job to know the needs and wants of your target audience even if they don’t yet.  Provide them with lots of valuable information and they will continue to seek your advice, even if it costs them money!

It’s simple really, create a system of value that attracts individuals to you.  Be the best and they will actually ask you to market to them!  That’s inbound – brilliant!

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