Marketing Mastery

A workshop series by Allegory Studios.

Join us for seven hands-on sessions in this specially-designed marketing workshop series for small businesses.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your brand, culture and target audience.
  • Build a marketing strategy to stand out in today’s competitive environment.
  • Walk away with the tips and tools you need to authentically promote your organization!

What’s on the schedule?

June 10 - Branding 101

What happens when you separate services from experience? Learn how to build a compelling brand for your organization through the power of storytelling.

June 24 - Company Culture

What are Archetypes? Learn more about these powerful characters and see how they can inspire meaningful messages for your business.

July 8 - Your Target Audience

What are you saying and who are you saying it to? Define your Buyer Personas and make confident marketing decisions.

July 22 - Logo Design and Brand Standards

How do graphics and images align to create powerful impressions? Uncover the best practices for your logo and brand.

August 5 - Social Marketing Platforms

Do you actually need a Facebook page? Should you be ‘pinning’ and ‘tweeting’? Find out which platforms are best for your brand and pick up some best practice commandments.

August 19 - Inbound Methodology

What is Inbound Marketing? Sharing is caring, hoarding is…messy. See how sharing what you know can actually help build your business.

September 2 - Websites and WordPress

What are the can’t-miss features of a website in 2014? What old practices can you let go of? Make the fastest growing platform for small businesses become your secret weapon for success!

When and where will the learning happen?

8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. at the Allegory Studios East Office

  • 433 Broadway, Suite 203, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
  • 518-580-1987
Marketing Mastery Workshop Series

Join us today!

$45/class or $285/series

Checks can be made out to Allegory Studios.
Credit card payment is also available.

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