Amazing Brains
Formerly Rocky Mountain Neurofeedback

Health & Wellness

Innocent, Magician and Hero

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We Believe…

  • Brains are amazing.
  • You may come in as a last hope, but you will leave with lasting change.
  • In you, and in your potential.
  • In balancing brain waves for the better.
  • The brain is the center of our reality.
  • Neural connections are dynamic.
  • In aligning pathways for peak performance.
  • Our connections define our lives.
  • Whole minds mean happy people.
  • Focus is about tuning out and tuning in.
  • When brain patterns change, behavior follows.
  • In a natural, non-invasive, pain-free therapy.
  • Children and adults can learn to heal themselves.
  • Your electricity impacts your chemistry.
  • Balance is beautiful.
  • In challenging clients to go further.
  • An ordered mind creates an ordered life.
  • The science behind neurotherapy is researched and sound.
  • In the marvelous maze of the mind.
  • Medication cannot heal the mind.
  • Neurotherapy addresses issues at their root.
  • When neural pathways are aligned, so is life..
  • Optimizing neural pathways enhances learning.
  • Data drives our approach.
  • Technology teaches us how to rewire our own command center.
  • Neurofeedback is turning therapy on its head.
  • To change our future course, we must focus on the here and now.
  • Your brain map reveals the physicality of your psychology.
  • Your brain is powerful beyond measure.
  • We can change what challenges your kid.
  • Neurofeedback puts healing in your hands.
  • When no one else understands your child, we do.
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