Brand Development, Logo Designs, Marketing Collateral

Project Overview

ClassBook had made its mark on the education industry as a leader in customized online bookstores for K-12 schools. To meet the changing needs of its customers and the demand for digital learning resources, it expanded its services and evolved from a traditional print textbook retailer to a multi-platform company with a technology-focused consulting arm.

On the brink of rapid transformation, ClassBook’s CEO realized his brand was losing ground as it struggled to effectively communicate new service offerings. Allegory partnered with ClassBook to develop its brand architecture, messaging and graphics while engaging its entire team to build buy-in and understanding of the company’s evolving value proposition.

At the end of the process, ClassBook was positioned for sale and sold to Follett, one of the nation’s largest K-12 and university retailers.

Project Deliverables

Allegory worked with ClassBook to strategically organize its brand architecture and assist with product development. Deliverables included naming for the family of companies, logos, taglines, and brand language, as well as sales support materials and collateral.

We Believe…

  • We bring expertise to emerging ideas in education.
  • “Yes” reveals new horizons.
  • Fresh eyes and sharp minds spark opportunity.
  • The power to change is within your reach.
  • Fulfillment is personal.
  • Bandwidth expands brainpower.
  • In filling your backpack…by download or delivery.
  • Content gives you the competitive advantage.
  • In being transformative without being disruptive.
  • Relationships are built on responsiveness and reliability.
  • Solutions emerge when systems and standards meet strategy.
  • Professional collaboration eases transition.
  • Students and teachers succeed with the right technology in hand.
  • We’re on the verge of something awesome.


Transform the Learning Experience

Fresh eyes. Sharp minds. A new way to engage with the wisdom of the ages. At ClassBook, we bring expertise to emerging ideas in education and put the power to change in your reach.

Fulfillment is Personal

Brick and mortar bookstores will become a distant memory as our relationship unfolds. We’re responsive. Reliable. And willing to go the extra mile. We will ensure that no matter the form your content takes, you’ll have the competitive advantage. As you focus on your students’ success; we fill their backpacks by download or delivery.

‘Yes’ Reveals New Horizons

Solutions emerge when systems and standards meet strategy. From a new service, to evolving expectations, we ask questions that create shift. And, grounded by intelligent conversations, we’re transformative without being disruptive.

Welcome to an OpenRoom

Bandwidth expands brainpower and puts the right technology in hand. We’ll ease your transition to a new paradigm with professional development that moves you forward. Meet us on the verge of something awesome as we cross the digital threshold and change the face of education.