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Culture, Branding & Web Design

Project Overview

Allegory and CSArch have shared almost a decade of partnership. Starting in 2006 under the name Collins + Scoville, the CSArch leadership team entrusted our agency with a seat at their table to discuss strategic planning efforts including numerous marketing and PR campaigns, market segment analysis and new service strategies.

With our proven branding process and continued marketing efforts, Allegory has helped CSArch grow into its role as a leading school district and emerging college and university architecture, engineering, and construction management firm.

Today, CSArch has a solid reputation and an influx of new business thanks to its team’s ability to effortlessly communicate its values and strengths.

  • The Allegory team members are amongst our most trusted advisors. Their work helped us survive the recession and continues to position us for sustainable growth. We depend on them to be our partner in strategic planning, creative direction, marketing and communications.

    Randolph Collins, AIA President & Co-Founder


Before working with Allegory, CSArch’s (Collins+Scoville’s) brand was incomplete. Clients didn’t know what they offered, presentations weren’t resonating in interviews, and significant growth had disjointed the company’s understanding of what its strengths and values were.

Allegory employed its archetypal assessment tool, CultureTalk, and a unique branding process to help the firm create a compelling story that resonates with the right target audience. The branding and communication efforts that followed included:

  • New name, tagline and logo
  • Corporate ID materials
  • Internal and external launch events
  • Employee engagement activity
  • Proposal and project sheet templates

Old Logo


New Logo

New Name and Logo

A bridge to success.

The symbol of an arch was chosen as an architectural element that can be viewed as a bridge that assists in making transitions and a doorway that invites full participation. Throughout design and construction, every element of an arch must work in unison for the strength of the whole.

The logo unites history with anticipation of what’s ahead. The founding partners are honored with their red initials, but the movement of the arch carries the whole name forward, symbolizing an energetic future.

Pantone 200

Black 50%



We Believe…

  • Every Project is an opportunity for learning and growth.
  • The Relationships we build are as important as the work we perform.
  • Buildings are a legacy from one generation to the next.
  • When we apply our ideals to new opportunities, the results are sustainable.
  • Forward-thinking approaches open new doorways.
  • Long-term planning fosters innovation.
  • Every element works in unison for the strength of the whole.
  • In extending our knowledge and expertise to every team member.
  • In understanding the rules inside out and applying them creatively.
  • In service with a personal touch, no matter how large we grow.
  • Strong leadership is key to success.
  • In pursuing smart alternatives until all possibilities are uncovered.


With a solid brand foundation, CSArch’s marketing efforts became more natural and cohesive. Content for brochures, multiple websites, advertisements and more was easier to create because the brand messaging continued to align with business goals and audience needs.

As a marketing partner, Allegory has also helped CSArch facilitate other initiatives that integrate with communications efforts. During the recession, Allegory was integral to the concepts, strategy and communication of new revenue streams and services. We’ve also helped the firm in market segment analysis as it’s sought opportunities in both healthcare and college and university markets.

Some of the marketing efforts Allegory has helped CSArch with include:

  • Website design, SEO, copywriting and development
  • Target audience analysis and persona development
  • Advertising copy and design
  • Tradeshow booth and collateral design
  • Brochures and leave behinds
  • Art direction for photo and video shoots
  • Content marketing strategy and implementation
  • Event planning for grand openings and ribbon cuttings
  • Public relations and speaking preparation

New Market Content Strategy

As part of a new market entry strategy, Allegory helped the CSArch leadership team translate their unique industry ideas into multiple impactful blogs, presentations, speaking events, and other content.

The infographic, ‘A Pathway to Shared Educational Facilities’ is a product of intensive target audience and market analysis. A turnkey project, it embodies the firm’s positioning on how architects can play a role in facilitating collaboration between educators and employers to help ensure student college and career readiness. The graphic has opened doors for the firm, starting conversations and triggering significant business development opportunities.

  • The collaborative brand process challenged us to think. Instead of building something based on what our customers wanted us to be, Allegory helped us go deeper to truly define who we are, what we want to be, and why. They then helped us bring it to life through communications with our employees, business partners, and customers.

    Randy Collins CSArch Architecture