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Brand Development, Logo Design

Project Overview

Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti is a boutique intellectual property law firm with a singular focus on protecting and maximizing the value of their client’s IP. The firm serves a specialized and technical client base with highly trained legal experts in fields such as chemical, nanotech, biotech, pharmaceuticals and high-end product design. A new brand and logo needed to combine these two messages to help the firm grow market share in New York, nationally and internationally.

Project Deliverables

Allegory worked with the firm to explore updated naming conventions to enable shareholders to communicate more consistently and effectively. The new logo provides flexible options to shorten the firm name to HRFM where appropriate, opening the way for an updated brand image to appeal to broader audiences. Deliverables included brand architecture, tagline, brand language, and a flexible corporate ID system with multiple logo formats.

  • Your thoughtful and incremental education leading the group through the process created an attitude of investment and consensus. That is not an easy task with a bunch of know it all lawyers and you mastered it!! We should put you in front of a jury!

    Susan E. Farley, Esq Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti

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We Believe…

  • As a community, we take care of our own.
  • We’re at your side and in your corner.
  • When it comes to IP, you should strategically invest as you invent.
  • From biotech to clean tech, start-up to Fortune 500, products to processes – we speak your language.
  • We get what you do and we help you get what you need.
  • Focusing on your specialty makes productivity our proclivity.
  • We respond in the moment and relate over time.
  • We never rest on our laurels because your business unfolds in nanoseconds.
  • We’re your partner when you need a shield or a suit.
  • Your legal line shouldn’t break your bottom line.
  • Listening closely leads to real understanding and makes every client feel like our only client.
  • Intellectual property unlocks your potential.
  • Our competence builds confidence with your legal team from in-house counsel to international advisors.
  • We don’t expect your trust, we earn it.

Profit from Your IP

You find answers to today’s challenges. Reimagine everyday life. See the things that other’s don’t see. And as you discover, design and engineer innovations that advance our world, Intellectual Property is the intangible advantage that drives your business success.

Our team at Heslin Rothenberg Farley and Mesiti (HRFM) practices all IP law, all the time. Home to 30-plus attorneys and patent agents, with over 60 total staff and growing, our firm stands at your side and in your corner; we’re the only partner you need to protect your potential.

As a boutique IP firm with offices in Albany and Rochester, New York, HRFM serves clients Upstate, throughout the country and around the world. We provide better service than a small department at a large firm, and better value than big city firms, delivering on our belief that your legal line shouldn’t break your bottom line.

You specialize, and so do we.

From biotech to cleantech, start-ups to Fortune 500, products to processes, we speak your language.  Our practitioners are accomplished scientists and engineers first, bringing advanced degrees and expertise in numerous technical disciplines that allow us to understand your needs and work more efficiently.

Industries we serve

We’re in our element representing clients across diverse fields of technology and design, including;

  • Biotech
  • Chemical/Materials
  • Cleantech
  • Designer and Luxury Goods
  • Electrical and Computer Hardware/Software
  • Internet and E-commerce
  • Medical Products
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductors
  • Start-ups
  • University research


HRFM will lead you through the maze of IP law, providing expert legal guidance and practical business advice. Our firm has more than a dozen practice groups and multiple practitioners skilled in every facet of intellectual property. 

  • Copyright Registrations
  • Design Patents
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property Transactions
    • Licensing, Technology Transfer, Commercial Transactions/Acquisitions
  • International Intellectual Property
  • IP Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation
  • Opinions
  • Patent Landscape Searching and Analysis
  • Patent Prosecution
  • PTO Proceedings
  • Trade Secrets
  • Trademark and Unfair Competition 

We respond in the moment and relate over time.

We don’t expect your trust; we earn it. Listening leads to real understanding, making every client feel like our only client. And as our relationship grows, our competence builds confidence with your entire team, from your corporate counsel to your C-suite.

At HRFM we take every step in your best interest, because your business unfolds in nanoseconds and you want a confidant that keeps you safe and moves you forward, from initial advice and timely filings to expert litigation when you need defense.

It’s time to profit from your IP. Protect your tech and accelerate your impact with HRFM.