Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs


Project Overview

Cindy Hollowood, general manager of the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs, approached Allegory Studios for assistance with her hotel’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Beyond the exciting accomplishment of running a business for 50 years, this hotel had a special story to share..

Project Deliverables

Anniversary theme, messaging, and logo, collection of stories from long-term guests and community members, 70-foot museum display timeline of the hotel’s history, multi-purpose video, and public relations.

While Saratoga Springs, New York, is a bustling tourist destination today, it wasn’t always this way. Much of its success can be attributed to a single project back in 1961 – the decision to build a new convention-style hotel. Armed with courage and the conviction that ‘What Saratoga Springs Builds, Builds Saratoga Springs,’ 300 local citizens traveled door-to-door to sell shares in a New Convention Hotel Corporation to almost 1,500 community members. The money they raised helped bring about the hotel we know today.

Fifty years later, it was time to honor, reunite, and celebrate. From charity galas to Grandma’s birthday party, this hotel remained true to its foundation – a community hotel.


50 Years Timeline


50th Anniversary Year Video