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Project Overview

In the 1990’s California enacted tax legislation that required special districts be formed to fund almost every municipal project. A new industry was born and NBS was founded as one of the first consultants in the field. Fifteen years later, new competitors were gaining market share and core services had become commoditized.

Well-known as a leader in the formation and administration of special finance districts, NBS struggled to gain attention for new financial consulting offerings created to diversify the firm, drive billings and allow them to compete more effectively. Its understated brand conveyed a safe, traditional look and relied on financial industry-speak.

Allegory dug into the core of the firm to uncover key differentiators. The entire staff participated in a scientifically-validated Culture Audit that defines brand personality and purpose through archetypes. The Archetypal Profile of Hero was validated through surveys, interviews and focus groups and brought to life through a 180-degree turn to focus on the impact NBS has on people.

From rural towns to major cities, messages now emphasize how NBS ‘helps communities fund tomorrow.’ Using the firm’s 15th anniversary as a hook, the new brand story promises “the flow of water to the flow of revenue,” and was unveiled as a celebration that capitalized on the Southern California location by featuring the “flow of wine.”

  • I just wanted to share how inspiring this entire re-branding effort has been. I’ve been involved in two other branding projects that had under-whelming results. This, on the other hand, has been impressive.

    Geralin Reyes NBS

We Believe…

  • We shaped the foundation of the special financing industry.
  • It takes insider expertise to advance initiatives.
  • We deliver on our reputation every day, in every detail.
  • We may not be the biggest, but we’re the best.
  • Our success is built on the strength of our team.
  • Not many firms play in our sandbox.
  • In checking our egos at the door.
  • Every taxpayer deserves a voice.
  • In championing client projects from the front line.
  • In educating clients about options.
  • The investment we make in our staff reaps dividends for our clients.
  • The dreams of a community are played out on their sports fields.
  • A city comes to life under its streetlights.
  • Inviting our staff to the roundtable produces sustainable results.
  • Community is created one resource at a time.
  • It takes both focus and flexibility to bring projects to success.

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