Nussbaum Transportation

Brand Development, Website, PR, Collateral

Project Overview

A 65-year old company amid another market-driven evolution, Nussbaum sought to raise awareness, build its customer base and recruit best-in-class drivers.

The first focus was stronger brand messaging that captured its long history and unique trucking culture. Over almost 10 years, Allegory brought the company’s story to life through corporate and recruiting websites, trailer art, print collateral, video case studies, interactive content, PR and award strategies and inbound marketing.

Nussbaum’s investments have paid off through steady growth, unprecedented driver retention and new found attention within industry media.

  • From the start, Allegory recognized the foundational storyline running through every aspect of our business. From our custom solutions to our driver programs, to our equipment innovations, to the design of buildings, they understood that everything we do here is tied to our culture. They designed a strategy around that story, and they told it beautifully. It continues to make Nussbaum stand out in our industry.

    Brent Nussbaum CEO, Nussbaum Transportation

Truck Graphics

Allegory partnered with Nussbuam to create large format, full-trailer graphics to promote the company’s unique culture and innovations and serve as a primary driver recruiting tactic. We handled concepts, copy, complex photoshoots and graphic design. Nussbaum receives numerous calls every week from potential drivers, customers and even the public remarking on the campaign and wanting to learn more about the company.

In an industry that routinely experiences triple-digit turnover, Nussbaum enjoys a remarkable low turnover rate in the mid-thirties.

  • Very impactful! Best marketing project yet!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about getting this message on our trailers.

    Brent Nussbaum CEO, Nussbaum Transportation

The X-Duty Trailer

The X-Duty Trailer was designed in collaboration with Wabash National. Acting as a strategic partner, Allegory took a leading role in branding and promoting this new trailer, including videos, a 3D brochure, print ads and PR.

The national attention and media relationships garnered through this effort brought Nussbaum and its leadership to a front-row seat in the industry that has supported their continued exposure and growth over years.


Video Case Studies

Nussbaum carved a niche by providing creative, money-saving solutions for specific customer challenges. From simple routing changes to major equipment innovations, the company innovations are highly regarded in the industry. A series of 2-minute videos with helped Nussbaum tell these stories.

Driver Videos

Here are a few examples from the driver testimonial video library.


Our brand engagement was aimed at capturing the true heart of Nussbaum through stronger language, a new tagline and revised logo. Working with the team at Nussbaum, we uncovered an Innocent, Explorer, Hero profile reflected through shared faith, wholesome values and a commitment to staying in front of innovation.

Nussbaum’s brand refinement deliverables included:

  • New tagline
  • Updated Logo Artwork
  • Logo Family and Anniversary Logo
  • Corporate ID materials
  • Launch campaigns

We Believe…

  • True partners make the journey worthwhile.
  • In the simple pleasure of good company.
  • Every contribution counts.
  • Integrity is more than an ideal; it’s a way of life.
  • Our basic values bind us together.
  • When we do the right thing, success will follow.
  • Our reputation is our bottom line.
  • In aligning our vision with our values.
  • Integrity moves us forward.
  • We’re poised for progress.
  • With each innovation, we are on our way to a better way.
  • Sometimes creating ideal means reinventing the wheel.
  • We’re setting new ideas in motion.
  • Our history has streamlined us for success.
  • Together we can.

Corporate and Recruiting Websites

Allegory led the design, development and maintenance of two multi-year websites – one for customers and one for drivers. Websites included interactive maps, focused blogs and a library of videos to illustrate Nussbaum’s innovations and commitments. As inbound marketing was added to the strategy, the driver site included calculators and other engaging content as part of a lead generation and nurturing campaign.



Allegory has supported the Nussbaum team with:

  • Blog strategies and campaigns
  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns
  • Infographics
  • Public Relations